September 16, 2008


This morning I was thinking "I want to make a scarecrow", so I ordered a couple books from the library for ideas (and some folklore). We used to have a scarecrow on our front porch sitting in an old rocking chair, and I miss it. 

I remember one year when driving through Wisconsin the end of September, a town that went all out with scarecrows - like every home and building were responsible for 'decorating' in front of their place or lamp-post. It really was fun to see.

We do have a scarecrow in our vegetable garden, but we call it our "scare-elk". Someone left this metal knight in our driveway and it's been in our garden since. So I walked down to the garden and took a picture of it, as well as some other scenes from the garden. 

I have tons of broccoli ready to freeze! And forget the giant zucchini - they'll go in the compost bin.

I love the old sink in the garden to wash the dirt off right there, so I can eat stuff while I'm watering or weeding. Right now the carrots are great! I ate some snow peas while there today. We still have spinach, lettuce, and beets. Don't know if our winter squash will mature this year - it started off too cool.
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