September 10, 2008

Aerating/Weeding ;^)

I can't believe what I just did!! I aerated our lawn with our electric drill!

ACTUALLY ... I read in one of my garden books about planting some very early Spring flower bulbs in the grass. Since we've been doing tons of landscaping this year, we left only a small bit of lawn. I ordered a bunch more flower bulbs to plant in these new areas. So when I read about putting this flower in the grass ...

I've been wanting to aerate the grass, but not rent this huge aerator, and overseed the grass with new grass seed. I got this auger that goes on the drill for planting bulbs, but it's rather big and these bulbs are really small. So I put the 1/2" drill bit in, and started drilling holes in the grass.

I threw out the 100 bulbs of Chionodoxa, Glory-of-the-Snow (blue flowers), scattering them all over the grass. Then I'd drill holes and periodically put a bulb in it. And you know what? It's a great way to dig out dandelion and other weeds. Then I scattered grass seed and compost over the area.

I wonder what our neighbor's think ;^) of our doings sometimes.
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