September 23, 2008

Dawson's Giraffe

I just have to post pictures of what Dawson made for his special girl, Splarah, for her birthday this week. I just downloaded them from my camera onto my computer, and looking at them ... they're TOO Cute!

I guess Splarah picked out the material and I find it interesting that Dawson cut the spots out of the patterned material with the brown material underneath, instead of just sewing brown spots onto the surface. He didn't have a pattern, so traced a giraffe from a book and figured the rest out.

After trying to figure out my sewing machine as a young boy (who wouldn't wait until I could be home and show him how everything works!)(and he made the cutest patchwork denim stuffed horse for his sister's birthday), he now knows how to sew. (Sometimes I think it's good to put my foot down and say, "No I can't right now!" cuz he's taught himself how to do a lot of things.)

But I do help him when he asks me and I'm able. He did ask me several times for suggestions with the giraffe. So when I woke this morning and the finished product was sitting on the kitchen counter, I could see how he made our dialogues turn into a cute thing. I'm always glad when suggestions work!

He needlefelted wool onto the giraffe for the hoofs and head detail. Too Cute! It's got personality!

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