September 13, 2008

Tapestry of Faith

A great blog article by David Neff titled "Three Little Pigs and the Life of Faith". He compares changes in theological systems using quotes from both Garrison Keiller and Robert Webber (two people I too, listen to, in analyzing my own theological system I grew up with).

David Neff ends with, "That is my experience as well. Leaving my little brick house did not mean being attacked by the big bad wolf. It meant discovering other houses, other people, other communities that (to shift the metaphor) presented a rich tapestry of faith.

But that tapestry, both Webber and I discovered, is not entirely woven of rationalist threads. Some of its fibers are images. Some are songs or poems. Some are inexplicable experiences. Some are miracles. Some are mysteries. Woven together they present us with a picture, an icon, of God. They do not contain God, but reveal him in glimpses. And that is something that brick walls can never do."

As a textile artist, I love his tapestry metaphor.
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