May 19, 2008

Story Quote

My friend Ellen sent me this quote since I so often talk of the value of story.

Story re-orders, sifts through experience, and allows others, young children and adults alike, to hear what we think truly matters. We are constituted by the stories we tell ourselves and others. Thus stories serve an ontological purpose. Story connects us with that which lies beyond ourselves and this process makes us ask questions about the meanings of our lives. It is, in fact, a way we can begin to define what we mean when we use the term "spirituality."
- Barbara Kimes Myers
Young Children and Spirituality

As I said before, I'm home alone. Been gardening. It's beautiful outside. Sat awhile outside off and on yesterday reading and watching the birds. Monte and Dawson are in the southern Arizona desert and said it's 115 degrees! So going out early, starting at first light and needing to quit just after noon.
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