May 6, 2008

Gardening at T&S's

We went to Ft Collins Sunday through Monday to help Travis and Sarah get this year's garden ready. Since they have a new dog, they felt the need for garden boundaries. So after spreading the well decomposed manure over their back yard and tilling it in, Monte and Travis screwed together boards for raised beds.

Sarah and me carried on spreading the manure on front beds after aerating them and made a new narrow bed in the front patio and planted flowers and scarlet runner bean seeds with some sweet pea seeds.

We're all excited about home-grown produce! We did Mexican last night, fitting with Cinco de Mayo, with typical burritos we make and the stuffed grilled poblanos (see my recipes). Poblanos did so good in their garden last year (I'm jealous) that they were having grilled chilies several times a week and are missing that. 

It looked like it might rain today, so I scattered old wildflower seeds along with grass seed and threw manure to cover in one of the done areas Monte had made last fall next to our campfire area. Got to get our garden ready to plant now. I've got my greenhouse full of sprouting and growing seed flats, and more to do.
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