May 17, 2008


I was just googling 'clotheslines'. I used to hang out clothes to dry and am missing it. I was looking for the kind I saw a lot of in Wisconsin, and Monte's mom has one. It's a heavy metal frame that can be moved around. They are non-existent online. I'd probably have to go out of the city to a country hardware store to find one. 

Do you know what is most prevalent under the subject of 'clothesline'? Blogs and articles on the trouble you can get in if you try and hang clothes out to dry. In this new 'green' climate (which I'm kinda sick of - it's mass consumerism! There's a new book out titled Big Green Purse, subtitled Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World. I'm an old hippie, and I've been called Earth Mother, and feel I've lived fairly green conscious, and I do want others to live greener.) clotheslines are a great idea.

I did have someone in an Arizona neighborhood tell me the covenants didn't allow hanging out laundry, but we lived so far apart, I ignored it and never got in trouble. But I guess people really do get in trouble for hanging out laundry and even clotheslines exposed to view.

I have nostalgic images of clothes-pinned laundry gently blowing in the breeze and neighbors talking over fences. I loved the fresh air and listening to the birds and the fresh smell of things dried outside. But I'm glad I live in an era where I don't HAVE TO air dry everything. I wouldn't want to do it in freezing weather or where it rains a lot. And some things just need to dry in the dryer. I rarely iron, using my dryer to take out wrinkles.

But what if I want to hang some things out?! I guess Monte will have to make me another clothesline. The last one rotted.
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