May 15, 2008


We almost always sleep with the sliding glass door open. Yesterday, awakening in the early morning I whispered, "shh". Monte and me lay listening ... birds singing (I like to recognize them - name them) ... and then, a hummingbird! The hummingbirds always come around mid-May and I anxiously await them, as I do the blue birds.

Growing up in the southern Arizona desert, I never heard hummingbirds 'hum' - so why are they called 'hummingbirds'? In the Colorado Mountains they are NOISY! all summer long. The Rufous shows up early July and then things really get feisty! He, with his bright copper color in the sunlight, doesn't want to share the feeder.

So yesterday morning before leaving for MOPS I cleaned the feeder and made the syrup mixture and hung it on its hook on the back deck. It's snowing again now, but I know summer is around the corner because the hummingbirds are back!

Sat with friends Jeanie and Marty after MOPS at Starbucks for over an hour talking. Marty wanted to talk about books since she just finished reading The Shack (a good read), and we go off on many bunny trails. But as my sister-in-law Linda always says, "Bunny trails come home".

I came home to Dawson and four friends playing Twister in the parlor! What's so unusual about that you may ask? First off, kids rarely play real games together any more, AND they are college kids! School is done (can I brag? he thinks he's got another 4.0 grade average again this semester). Later, after I put groceries away and wanted to check my emails, they were on their stomachs on my 'office' floor playing cards. Then later they were playing a game at the kitchen table. After finding out they weren't staying for supper, I teased them that they were trying out every room in the house playing games! (Remember my post about our Velveteen House?)

So, after Dawson's piano recital tomorrow night, him and Monte are leaving for southern Arizona to spend a week in the 100 degree desert doing geology. In getting ready, Monte and me are going to combine errands this afternoon down in Denver, and I start another needlefelting class tonight (we're saving gas).

So I'll be Home Alone again for a week. Yuck, looking out earlier I saw some elk go by and now it's snowing hard! I want to get my garden planted. The greenhouse plants are getting big and are ready to go out! I'm ready to go out! I want to get my hands and bare feet in the dirt!
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