May 4, 2008

Seeing Jesus Collage

I made a collage for church. This weekend there are tables set up as stations for engaging our many senses using the Deuteronomy 6 text.

I had lots of fun making the collage. The theme was 'seeing Jesus'. One of my errands last week was stopping by the library, so I looked on their "For Free" shelves and there were lots of National Geographic magazines. I spent an evening skimming through them (hard not to read everything) and found tons of great people from all over the world. That night I had faces floating through my sleep. Another artist friend did a collage of hands and emailed me saying, "ditto, but my images were of hands".

It may be hard to see, but I found a cool broken piece of mirror in Dawson's room and incorporated it into the collage. Do you get the idea?

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