October 14, 2007


It's been a beautiful fall, with weather just steadily cooling off. No huge snow blast in mid September like it so often does. In fact, my last deck umbrella I had busted on a September 5th because of the weight of snow! So I know it's just a matter of time...but I never really want winter to come!

Since I woke this morning it started snowing and now it looks like we've got 3 inches. I have to pick up Monte at the airport later this morning. It'll probably be just raining in Denver as I go down in elevation.

I've had on my 'to get' list a new window scraper, but haven't got one yet. I'll see if the broom will do the job, otherwise Heather has a nice one I'll borrow. Now we have to think coats, hats, scarves and mittens and maybe boots. And driving slower. So planning ahead for extra time...

I had posted earlier about elk. The other night was rather noisy with four bulls bashing antlers below our bedroom window. Monte calls them satellite bulls when there's no females around. It was a little hard to go to sleep :) I had heard, maybe from a wildlife person, so it must be true, that the bark of aspen trees is like aspirin. That would make sense since all our aspen get chewed on by the critters. These elk would need it! I would think they'd have headaches.

And too, like I posted a long time ago, I'm really liking our electric fence. Normally by now, most of my beautiful flowering plants have been eaten by the elk. They'll eat the lilac, so it won't bloom next year. They'll even eat stickery rose bushes. And the bear didn't get the crab apples this year. We made a yummy crab apple pie last weekend when Travis and Sarah were here.

Now to check out the airport website and see if things are on schedule.
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