October 4, 2007

Elk Bugle!

Just heard a loud elk bugle! So I had to look. We keep binoculars and a huge spot light in our bedroom. I just see two bull elk with no harem. One is a 4x4 and the other a 5x5. They only bugle in the fall, and the large bull elk are only with the females in the fall when they are horny.

I should know all this. We've had 'sex education' going on in our meadow before our windows for the 23 years we've lived here!

I had to go look again. I'm hearing knocking, like antlers banging against each other. The 4x4 just ran out in front of my garden alone, and I'm still hearing banging going on and a bugle in the woods, but I can't see anything.

It's unusual to not have a bunch of females surrounding the large bulls. The females are the wary ones protecting the bulls during this season when they are so distracted by hormones! So maybe there's females in the woods with other bulls.

Dawson ran in for his camera Monday to go back to downtown Evergreen where a large bull with his harem has been hanging out. I see he's posted some of the many he took on his photo blog site - http://www.photoblog.com/dawsonswan/2007/10/02/

He was gone awhile, following them across the main street onto the golf coarse. Last year it must have been the same bull, but we were kicking ourselves for not having a camera with us. This bull was walking his herd along the 'walking trail' along Evergreen Lake right next to the road--out for a stroll!

And I'm supposed to be getting ready for my last felting class of this session this evening. I need to leave soon. And I went to the dentist this morning and the numbing is not going away yet! And too, the weather's been so nice and we're supposed to get snow this weekend. So I'm wrapping things up outside. Got all my flowers and herbs set up nice in the greenhouse for the winter. (And I got a new Nordic Track I'm setting up in the greenhouse for now too!)
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