October 17, 2007

Picasso quote

I was just reading in the news an obscure article about art work being vandalized. And that art museums imply a trust - letting us stand beside objects representing civilizations and their culture. There's a freedom the public display represents. Criminals must be offended by arts power to embody values they fear.

I've liked a quote that says something like 'don't judge art. Let it judge you.'

And I like this story-
In 1966 in France there was an exhibit of hundreds of Picasso's works from the first as an adolescent beginner to the latest. Picasso was then 85 and present, wandering the exhibit. A woman said to him, "I don't understand. Over there, the beginning pictures--so mature, serious and solemn--then the later ones, so different, so irrepressible. It almost seems as though the dates should be reversed. How do you explain it?"

"Easily," replied Picasso, eyes sparkling, "It takes a long time to become young."

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