October 1, 2007

down syndrome

My sister-in-law Chris, at 47 got pregnant with a down syndrome baby girl they've named Leah. I just finished reading her latest post and watched a clip that was so good and I got a lump in my throat! http://www.stservicemovie.com/

They have a family web blog to post news and family pictures and notice of Leah's life steps. Her four brothers are all much older and very active in sports. Luke the oldest is the one in the news since he's #1 for the Badgers.

It's special, today's technology, to be able to see, read, and feel close to those far away. It was fun to go to the site and see Monte's parents at Luke's game (they don't travel now in their old age and Monte was a bit concerned) - everyone was wearing #1 jerseys.

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