October 12, 2007


Something I read made me think back and laugh about the jobs I've done. One of them is especially fun to tell as an 'ice breaker'! But here's my list from the beginning:

Babysitting (which I wasn't good at so not asked a lot unless they were desperate)

Typical housework chores (I only mention it because I tried to trade with my brother so I could do the yard work chores, which I loved, but maybe I wouldn't if it were a 'chore')

Baskin Robbins - if you get a chocolate fudge brownie scoop and have no brownies.....Or pecans gone from Pralines and cream......:P

Car Wash - sometimes to save time the owner tried us doing inside the car cleaning while the vehicle was going through the automatic wash, but the car owners didn't like that, so I was one of those out after the wash, cleaning the inside windows and vacuuming

Christmas help in department stores - my favorite place was the toys

Undergarment factory - I sewed the elastic on the left crotch of underwear (didn't last long when I saw some long time employees permanently hunched over)

Medical Clinic - worked in the patient files room. I'd deliver files needed at various offices and refile files that were done with (it was here I learned that some people love to eat burnt toast)

Now which of those do you think is the funniest to tell people?

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