August 9, 2007

Radish Salsa

When I get a lot of radishes at one time in my garden, or if they are 'hot'. I make salsa out of them. Last year we called it "Salad on my Chip"! Since I just made it again, I thought I'd post my recipe.

In a food processor put -
A handful or two of radishes
1/2-1 jalepeno (I often used a canned one when I don't have one fresh. I always keep a jar of them, probably pickled, in the fridge.)
2 garlic cloves (I often put in more since we love garlic)
1/4-1/2 tsp salt
1/2-1 tsp vinegar (I never use white, preferring brown rice, wine, apple cider, balsamic or as I used today, sherry vinegar)
1/3 cup loose cilantro
several fresh tomatoes or canned

process and taste. Enjoy!

I really think you could add any veggie. Like I'm tempted to add zucchini with all I'm getting from the garden. I'm always looking for new zucchini recipes!
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