August 2, 2007


A bear came early this morning. I heard a noise, which ended up being one of my bird feeders that tends to collapse with a metal 'ping'. The bear did not trip my sons 'alarm' chord, but simply walked over it. So luckily I was awake enough to hear something and opened the window and yelled at it. It ran away.

I do bring in each night now, 2 of the feeders. One is more expensive and bears like to cart it away to break it and lick everything clean. The other is suet. He/she's (our neighbor saw a mother with cubs the other night) not tried to get to the hummingbird feeder yet. And I hate to have nothing out there when they're wanting it earlier then I'm wanting to wake up.

It's cooler today and supposed to rain later, so I'm off to weed and rearrange and plant more perennials. I keep trying to fill in color gaps throughout the seasons.

I have drawings of my garden spaces that go back for years. Each year I take stock and often write in another color ink what's still there or died. And write notes and dreams. I write what I've bought and where I've planted--added onto the older drawings.

I keep thinking I ought to make a nice garden journal. But for now, many years' notes are all on a clipboard. It works.

I did read something very funny last night that we ought to try. I have a book from the library called The $64 Tomato. A chapter opened with a "letter to Harriet" that talked about putting one of those motion-sensor singing fish plaques on a post, that scared deer away. We used to have one of those. It would scare me to death when I walked by it in my son's room. It's a great idea--and hilarious!
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