August 14, 2007

meteor shower

Did anyone watch the Perseid's Meteor shower? I did for a bit. I sat out on our 'shaker deck' around 11pm Sunday night. I was thinking I ought to get my glasses, but just sat there gazing at the night sky, enjoying the peace, and the beauty of the stars.

I was trying to find Mars, when I saw them -- about every few minutes there would be a streak through the sky. They were to get stronger into the wee hours of the morning and the 12th was their peak. But I couldn't stay awake much longer. I saw them and felt the awe and wonder.

I'm remembering that the next strong meteor showers are around early November. I have a 'remembrance' post on my calendar from 2001 for these showers (it's along the lines of the remembrance slip of paper in Descarte's hem of his jacket). I call it my "Wild Woman" morning.
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