August 5, 2007

"Oh Boy"

Just watched the bear coming, going from window to window, to see what it would do. It's a beautiful bear. Brown back and black underneath and legs. Sometimes it would just sit and then lay. It was lazy and slow, seemingly undecided about what it wanted to do...Go behind the house to the birdfeeders? Or check out the front of the house.

Friday night the bear didn't come, but I woke to a metal sound, but it wasn't the bird feeder like before, but a rusty old wheelbarrow in the front yard. There were two beautiful bull elk with 6x racks eating grass. I found out later they had already been up to the perennial bed and eaten some flowers!!! ugh!

Friday the electric fencing I ordered came, delivered in a cute box with Mr McGreggor's picture and his fence and lots of Peter Rabbits looking in on his garden. I think I want to keep the box!

After getting home Saturday from picking Monte up at the airport, we sat on the porch looking at all the parts and he got the fence up. Just as evening was dawning (dusking) I was out in a beginning drizzle putting aluminum foil flags along the wires, and trying to put peanut butter on the foil without getting it all over me. (I just smelled my hands to see if I still smelled peanut butter. Luckily not!)

I'm convinced by the bear's indecision that he attempted to do his usual of emptying the feeders and got zapped last night. Instead, in anger, he went around the house and found the garage door opened. Dawson had friends over and they'd just gotten bread and drinks out of the garage and were playing a game.

How the bear got the dog food, in a RubberMaid container, out of the garage, carrying it around both freezers and out by the barking dogs in their kennel, is beyond me. The garage is packed with stuff and the freezers pulled out from the wall since we're about to insulate and drywall it and the above future Monte's office. It doesn't seem he dragged it, as all the electrical chord's show no evidence of being pulled.

Because we heard the dogs, he didn't get far in eating the food. But Dawson shone a flashlight on it, scaring it away. I found the bin opened, tipped on it's side out there this morning, uneaten, so he didn't return (nor a fox or raccoon).

We often try and read signs, trying to figure out a story many mornings. Looking for prints and what might have been gotten into or what done? Of course winter snow always has sign we like to look for. (That's one of the many weird things of this past winter storms that were abnormal. With the amount of snow we kept getting and the wall banks of snow, our meadow stayed free of prints most of the winter.)

Well, Monte's home and I don't have to be aware of the dog's barking in the night and losing sleep. And with the fence, we may not have to worry about the elk and deer either.
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