August 1, 2007


This is my first "blog" posting for my new web site that is still under construction.

My blogging will be a variety--from recipes, to what I'm currently doing, reading, pondering, and excited about! I have a published (back to self-publishing and selling) cookbook I did in 1996 called "Hearth&Home - recipes for life." I've been wanting to edit it, but people keep requesting it, so I'm just keeping it in print pretty much as is since 1996.

I have several other books ready to write I've spoken on and have demands for. So someday...I'm hoping this website will help me get into the process.

I'm currently in the thick of gardening--from a large vegetable garden and other perennial gardens along with herbs. I live at 8,000 feet (having moved from the Arizona desert) gardening has never been easy for me or 'by the book'. I experiment and have had some great successes and then alot of failures, or just plain 'comic book' story potentials! On top of the altitude, I have deer, elk, lots of voles and other underground critters. Currently I'm dealing with a bear that's liking my birdfeeders. So, after 23 years, we're considering electric fencing.
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