August 5, 2007

City Girl

There are people who live in the country that experience what I've written on so far and think, 'big deal! why write on it'? And though it might seem we're in the country (or mountains--actually the foothills, considering Colorado has 50 peaks over 14,000') we're actually a 'bedroom' community of Denver with most people commuting to work. So most people who live here do not garden vegetables and attempt small-scale farm-type living.

And I grew up a city girl. I have a Grandma that always grew some veggies amongst her flower beds. But I had no gardening knowledge when I got married, nor really knew how to cook. But I wanted to know how things were done prior to store-bought everything, and cream-of-chicken soup cans and instant Jello. (I even looked up how marshmallows are made.)

We may have more photos of elk than kids, yet nature, out of the city and zoos, is still a wonder (though I want to protect my nurtured environments I so enjoy).
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