February 15, 2009


People have been begging me to post photos of my new (first) Grandbaby. On Facebook I had posted my status for a week as "Karey is; simply a 'state-of-being'" - sometimes feeling like a zombie or robot in what I was doing. I knew my time in Texas was soon to end and once that baby was born, we were so tired, I just had to keep plugging away at finishing things up, so Heather's year without Bill, alone with their baby, could go smoothly. I wanted her to be able to relax and enjoy life and little Will.

So now that I'm home ... after taking Monte to the airport today (he's in Sonoita, Arizona for the week), I took the time to post lots of pictures on my photoblog. So cruise thru the varying days to view a variety of photos.

Notice I said "first" above? While Heather and me were readying for another nursing time, my iPhone rang. Travis and Sarah were calling and asked, "Hey Mom, do you want to spend time with us like you're doing now, in 8 1/2 months?" "Oh ... is that how you're telling me you're going to have a baby?"

So I guess this is the year Monte and me are adding the names Grandpa and Grandma to 'who we are'!
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