February 5, 2009


What all do I tell?! I am very exhausted as I try helping Heather not be exhausted. She was able to come home from the hospital last eve, and hadn't really slept since last Friday night. I couldn't get over how lucid she was with all her questions and all the stuff thrown at her, yet nodding off as she'd quietly sit nursing, or finally a moment when no one's around. Glad I was knitting socks, so occupied and trying to keep her at peace.

Tho I hardly sleep, she's getting sleep.

All's I can say is Will is really a cutey and very good. Pray for us to remain healthy. He's a bit jaundiced, so we're working at him eating good, which means an electric breast pump a sweet nurse at the hospital let us borrow. I take him for more blood tests tomorrow.

It's good to be home is all Heather keeps saying. Good night.
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