February 18, 2009

Martin Luther

Today on the church calendar Martin Luther is remembered. I didn't post about him on this day before - probably because I talk so much about him on Reformation Day and All Saints Day (Oct 31 and Nov 1 - all a great story, a piece of church history and the larger story).

I've read a biography of him, and enjoyed even more a biography of his nun-wife Catherine. And I really like the movie "Luther". Monte loves a scene with his wife, and I love a scene where he's sitting with the Greek scripture and trying to figure how best to translate into the common German a word/phrase/concept.

In the Catherine biography I learned about the large 'home' they occupied, taking in many borders and many guests for meals and all the table talk. The kitchen was even described and how she went about renting or buying orchards for making their 'brew' drunk at every meal and all the household needs.

One story I've never forgotten is when she dressed all in black and Martin questioned her. She said something along the line of his behavior being such, like not trusting in God, so God must be dead, so she was mourning! That threw him into action!
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