February 2, 2009


I got 6 hours sleep last night and hoping Heather got some sleep, since she didn't sleep saturday night. Yesterday was a LONG day. Heather's water broke at 2:30am and we were at the hospital at 3:30. It's only 5 minutes away and because her labor was progressing slowly I came home several times to check in on the dog. They'd send me home to ... to eat, or shower, or "Nap" they said. I did get in 1 hour. So I just about got one sock knit.

Just to sum things up, by 8pm, after all day of contractions not being consistent and baby starting to show bleep drops on the monitor paper following her contractions, and only dilated 1cm, they suggested a C-section, and I was given scrubs to change into. Bill called quite a few times during the day (we can't call him, only notify Red Cross), called, from us getting checked into the hospital till her in her final room and nursing the baby for the first time and he heard him crying. She cried while talking with him in the evening.

Bill is a Steelers fan and we watched the game, Heather wanting to be doing what Bill was doing. She was wheeled away when the Cardinals made their final touchdown. I wasn't retrieved until the game ended, so gave them in the room the finale of a Steeler touchdown at the end (tho some had been texted).

William Lavender III was born at 21.27 hundred time (however you write that in military time - you know, around here, like when we were at Baskin Robins, I noticed the opening and closing time in military time!); and was 6.15 pounds and 20" long.

I'm about to go back to the hospital. She'll be in for a couple days.
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