February 8, 2009


I am taking pictures and will post some soon. Just wanting to get ahead and done with everything before I leave. Monte's coming back Tuesday night and I'll go home with him Friday night. Then Heather's on her own.

Oh ... I packed up Max the dog yesterday morning and took him to a kennel they've used to board him until further decisions can be made. He's a german shepherd (and due to horrible childhood memories, I am biased against them), but he does have a wonderful temperament, but so strong and high maintenance. The first eve I brought Heather and baby home, Heather was walking in her post surgery soreness and the baby was whimpering. I was carrying the baby and he was so powerfully shoving me. I was attempting to put the baby in the tall strong bassinet so to go put him outside, and he was almost in the bassinet! It seemed he thought Heather was hurt and the baby was the enemy to get or attack. If a leg had been dangling ... I have had bad dreams. Then the next day, all of us exhausted and asleep, his sharp barking all of a sudden after silence, startled us.

I need to go, the baby moniter is sounding Will's getting ready for the next feeding. That's what we're living between ... oh do I remember those days. But it does go by fast ... looking back.
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