June 11, 2008

One Thousand White Women

What if - the government in 1854 traded 1000 white women brides for 1000 horses as a peace trade with the Cheyenne Indians. That's what the book I just finished is based on. I enjoyed the story. The author tells the story from May Dodd's journals - May Dodd, an irreverent society outcast. You get caught up in the story (I got it from the library and listened to it).

BUT...May Dodd is too progressive for 1854 - having all today's racial, gender, sexual and secular values. It tries, like the beginning of the DaVinci Code, to make you think it's historically real. It's a well written story, and entertaining, but would have been better if it stuck to 1854 voicing.

What I read last year is way better: These is My Words, and its sequel, Sarah's Quilt, by Nancy Turner. They are written from a fictional diary format too, but true - Sarah is the author's great-grandmother. I got them from the library, but they are worth owning. I really liked them because they take place at the end of the 1800's in the southern Arizona frontier, with some of it in Tucson, where I grew up. They begin with 18 year old Sarah Prine on a wagon train. Heather read them too and loved them.

My friend Marty told me there's a third book now. I'm waiting for it from the library, but it's got holds on it - meaning it's popular.
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