June 14, 2008

Show & Tell

Last night artists in our church, plus extra artist friends, gathered at a home for Show & Tell. Other than a meeting of some of us a couple weeks ago, we'd not gathered like this for several years, and want to do it more. We want to invite more art showings from others into our church, and us participate in showings elsewhere too. 

When you have an environment that values what God's gifted in each other ... and care to learn about one another ... and listen and learn ... it's amazing!

Another aspect to my Starburst felted picture I posted and explained several postings ago, is that so much art work - from literature, to paintings, music, sculptures, movies - because everyone is created in God's image, I believe the searching that human's do, often comes out in art. Even if someone is not yet a Christian (therefore, from my Starburst post, would that be considered the darkness?!*), they often give us a glimpse, like a window, into some truth ... into God's heart, into heaven, into compassion, into grace ... and yet they themselves haven't made that truth their own for their own lives (do any of us fully?! when we're still in process?!). 

We told about ourselves - like passions and our process or journey to what we're currently doing. Some people brought notebooks, or portfolios of what they do. Like Kent can't bring his large bronze sculptures! We've seen some at church, before they sold. Jannelle, (?I don't know her, but want to know her) brought her 'rock' - beautiful sculpting. She loves sculpting, but God has dropped commissions of painting pets into her lap currently. Others: writers of books and songs, photographers, logo graphic artists, clay sculpture, sketches, acrylic, watercolor, and oil painters, and admirers! 

And me? I brought my basket of current needlefelting. I brought lots of sculpted heads! Across one of my looms, I have heads! I have lots of heads and unfinished heads and bodies from all the classes I've taught, and I do eventually finish them. Some people see these, and roll their eyes saying, "Karey, this is weird!" Yet they love them! I love them. 

All I can say is that though there's an aspect of me that shows them as being mine, I still don't have total control. My personality comes through in each one and the differences I'm striving for. But they still create themselves!

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