June 2, 2008

Jane Austen Quote

"A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of."

Jane lived in an era when women hoped to marry money. They weren't allowed to write books, only correspondence. She'd write in the family sitting room and whenever someone came into the room, like even a servant, she'd hide her writing under something on the desk. At least she had her family support, who even helped in publishing her novels.

Virginia Woolf tells of women's plight needing a Room of One's Own, along with a 5 pound income - T'would have been nice. Tis why there's less early stuff from women (although as you read my saint day blogs, you'll see the early church had given women some voice) and why many women wrote with pen-names - take George Eliot, for example.

Speaking of women's place ... I am helping preach at our church next weekend.
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