June 17, 2008


I've missed posting for a few days. I've been outside most of the days, enjoying the weather and birds, and doing lots of needed things around here. With most things planted, I'm now weeding.

One minor detail too to not posting, besides being dead tired by evening, is ... our internet was down. Why? I was digging a deep hole for a plant I bought and shoveled through our phone line! It baffles us. We built our home 24 years ago and can't remember that the phone cord was buried where we found it! We thought it was elsewhere.

Every winter our garage turns into a disaster! So Dawson cleaned the messy side up yesterday. I actually had fun today being able to look at all the organized boxes of tools and stuff on the shelves! My side of the garage (freezers and food shelves and textile art stuff  remained organized! Now with Heather's stuff gone, we'll go through things again this summer, organizing and weeding out even more.

I've been looking at all the 'out' buildings and what's been stored (dumped) in them. Dawson tore down all the extended chicken runs and buildings. We're keeping the main chicken house and run up for now, but no chickens. With the kids gone and Monte traveling more, I don't know if we'll do chickens again (but who knows - but definitely no more ducks, geese or turkeys - we tried them one year, and don't need to do them again. I now know what it means to be goosed - and then there's all the chicken phrases too). So for now, we're thinking of storing the  rototiller and extra tools there - it's closest to my big veggie/fruit garden.

The 'bunk house' has a couch and desk and sleeping area. It's storing extra sleeping pads and pillows. And then there's boxes of books I wanted to give away, but Monte wants me to put them on eBay. They've been there for a couple years now under the sleeping area. Will I put them on eBay?!

The old playhouse, turned 'Dawson's museum', is now storing tons of boxes of Monte's rocks. It still has shelves of Dawson's collected skulls and bones, etc. That's where I found our front screen door stored. So I put in a new screen material today and hung it. 

The old ferret house (yes, Dawson had ferrets. They are too smelly and we finally had him build a building for them. Dawson has had most possible pets. I got to liking his lizards and snakes. We joked for awhile that the escaped python was probably living quite well between our two stories on escaped fertile gerbils. The Madagascar cockroach and Az tarantulas were my least favorite 'pets') is storing two large fish tanks. "Do we need to keep them?" I asked Dawson today, "will we ever have fish again?" I don't think so, but he might somewhere later when he moves away. Travis had them in college and now has a huge beautiful tank. But I am storing some closer to the house garden stuff in there for now.

It feels good getting things done right and in a put place - with the goal of hoping things get put back in their 'put place'. We're getting better.
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