November 29, 2008

Gratitude Response

The American Thanksgiving story has always been told me throughout my growing up, since William Bradford, the first USA Governor, was my great, great ... grandfather. Now I see the Pilgrim's 1st Thanksgiving as being the Jewish Festival Succoth. The Pilgrims, reading the Bible, probably decided to celebrate this Harvest Festival, giving thanks to God for a good harvest year and prayer for the coming growing season.

Lots of Indians showed up that first Thanksgiving. They all shared their harvested food (the Indians brought food too) and partied for 3 days. My thoughts think, so much for the stored food for winter - quite the bourgeois thought! But how many people died that winter? None. It may have been hard, but God blessed their response of thanks to Him, their trust in Him, their resting in Him to meet their needs.

In my last post I mentioned not putting up my typical Thanksgiving Tree, and wondered if someone would notice, missing it. Someone did. Kristin Johnson mid afternoon asked, "Where's your Tree poster? I've been thinking about thankful things I wanted to write on it for several days!!!!" "Well ... I was waiting to see if someone would say something, but look, I've now got lots of photos up where I usually always put it". Looking around, Sarah pointed out the refrigerator, so I drew a bare tree with black marker on paper and taped it to the front of the fridge and brought down my many colored markers. There was no need for me to pre-cut leaves. People drew more variety and way more colors, as the day progressed.

We had a great day: lots of picture taking (flashes from many cameras!), games played, lots of conversations and laughter, good food. New memories. Dawson has posted pictures here. (That link is his new photosite and is harder/longer to scroll through the pics. So now I see he's keeping up with his older photosite and posted same pics there.)

I was reading Psalm 100:
Why laugh and sing myself into God's presence? Why give thanks, praise and worship? Because I know that God is GOD. God made me, I don't make God ... nor can I give myself a self. God has called me, and named me as one of His. I am making myself at home in Him. I thank Him, for He is all beautiful, generous in love, and faithful, with His truth enduring forever.
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