November 30, 2008

Andrew, Dorothy, and Lewis

This is the day, November 30th, that Andrew, the Apostle of Jesus is remembered on the church calendar. For many, the Sunday nearest St Andrew's Day brings thoughts of Advent. Andrew is known for his selflessness, and stands at the doorway through which we approach the deep mystery of God's Gift in Jesus. To receive this gift is a selfless deed.

Andrew had been a disciple of John the Baptist, but left home to follow Jesus. He brought along his brother and fellow fisherman, Peter. Jesus offered to make them both "fishers of men". His name means 'courageous' or 'manhood'.

Andrew was present for most of Jesus' miracles, Passion and the Crucifixion. My favorite story is his noticing the boy with the lunch and he brought it to Jesus. What did he expect Jesus would do? (Jn 6:8)

Andrew had won a heathen Roman governor's wife to Christianity. Andrew was put to death for it - crucified on an X-shaped cross.

The 29th remembers Dorothy Day, a modern-day saint who died in 1980, who many would say, was no saint. I loved the movie done on her, and would watch it again - Entertaining Angels.

CS Lewis was born on November 29th in 1898 in Belfast, Ireland. I've read most of his writings, gleaning a lot from him, and respecting his outlook on life - from his logos to mythos. And I can't tell you my favorite. And I posted of his death on the 22nd, same day as Huxley and JFKennedy. Lewis became a Christian owing primarily to JRR Tolkien (and George MacDonald's and GK Chesterton's writings). I would have loved to hang out with the Inklings! The picture is a statue in Belfast of Lewis as Digory in front of the Wardrobe.
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