November 14, 2008

Anniversary and Appliances

Today is Monte's and mine anniversary. We've been married for 33 years. When I tell the young gals I mentor that we're more in love than ever, it's so hopeful to them! We really enjoy each other's company and are best friends. We're done raising our kids (even though 19 year old Dawson still sleeps at home) and lived through building two homes ourselves (people will tell you that can be hard on marriages) and lived through all the bad and good times, rich and poor, still in good health.

What are we doing as special? Well, eating out is not so special, since we've been doing that a lot lately, as well as staying in hotels and nice settings. Going to a movie? We do that a lot too, from the comfort of a great couch at home, and Netflix movies coming and going in the mail (I knit while watching movies and Monte needs the relaxation after the day's work).

We did buy ourselves something this week: new washer and dryer (my washer busted 2 weeks ago and the dryer was taking forever to dry). In 33 years we've gone through only 2 washers and dryers. Will these ones last us till we die (Monte's parents are close to 90, that's longer than 15 years from now - interesting perspective on life - in relation to how many washers we'll have had)?! We've been in this home now for 24 years and have just in the past 2 years been replacing all the appliances (and toilets, and roofing ...)(I researched toilets - with our low water pressure - we still get a joy watching them flush!)(We get off on simple things, cuz this week I've sat watching/enjoying the front loader washer do it's thing!) And my new appliances 'sing' when they're done!

We're getting our first snow of the season today. Since I've been traveling with Monte a lot lately I feel out of touch with my home, so we're getting reacquainted. And the holidays are right around the corner with lots of company here for Thanksgiving. In fact my daughter just told us her and Bill are coming for Thanksgiving, flying in next Friday. So I'm cleaning and reorganizing rooms.

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