November 29, 2008

Forgotten Thanksgiving Stuff

I was just washing the two tableclothes and napkins from Thanksgiving and remembering with a chuckle who sat at which table this year. Our great room has two tables: the Dining table and the Kitchen table. The kitchen table is usually referred to when we have lots of company as the 'kids' table, and the adults usually sit at the larger Dining table. Well, this year, us older six adults, sat at the kids table. And all the adult kids ate at the dining table - nine of them.

Heather and Bill slept in the laundry room, Travis and Sarah in Monte's office, and Sarah's parents, John and Kerry (I'm a Karey too - us two moms), slept in the guest room. Since it didn't snow and the sun was shining, we sent the guys to get Starbucks drinks after breakfast Friday while us girls tromped in the woods cutting greenery and anything else that looked like possibilities for wreaths.

It was another great day, Friday. The guys sat around talking and us gals on the dining table had dumped all the stuff and made wreaths for this next season - our first of the Christmas decor (I'm thinking I need to pull out my Christmas boxes, just to get my advent candle holder, BUT not wanting to pull all that stuff out yet!!!!

Tomorrow at church the first Advent candle will be lit, and the attempt with prompts, to draw out the children (and us adults!) to share, and see who remembers the Larger Story ...
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