July 27, 2008


I just have to post this! When rereading my recent posts just now with the Arlo Guthrie quote, my thoughts wandered to a NPR story today. We had neighbors over for supper tonight, and while preparing, with the radio on in the kitchen, I heard the reminiscing of Woodstock in 1969 - because a museum has been created with 60's memorabilia - all going on right there and then, and what was going on in the culture.

I remember Woodstock! Not that I was there. But I was there in spirit. I was a part of that culture.

What I am glad of when I think of it all, is that I'm glad I was young at the time, too young to have made that pilgrimage. I would have, had I been a bit older. What I think, is that my age was a blessing at that particular time in history. I did have friends who died of drug over-doses, auto accidents ... I have names for these people. I knew them. And had I been a bit older to feel able to have taken off ... I hate to imagine my life's turnings ...

though still in God's grip. This time period was the first of three deserts in my felted art depiction of my life's journey. What I refer to as a self-imposed desert.
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