July 31, 2008


I'm wanting to post about Ignatius Loyola today, but want to read something first, but I don't have time for that right now. We have LOTS of company coming this weekend, starting tomorrow afternoon. So there's lots of things I need to be doing.

Dawson is carrying on his rock work out back. So many of my garden beds have rotted wood boards or logs needing replacing. I just watered my basil-tomato bed and am in awe and in love with his rock work! He'll be finishing up more today.

I'm reupholstering two old chairs I had got at a yard sale years ago. I've always liked them, but they've been sitting in the garage for years (so mice has gotten to them and just the nature of our garage activity - some legs were broken). So Monte finished fixing all the woodwork after I removed any existing old stuffing and stuff. I think I'll be able to get them done today!''

Denver Colorado just broke records for consistent days over 90. Denver is a mile high, and for us at 8000' we're usually five-ten degrees cooler. It's still hot in the sun, but our air temp is pleasant. So doing the chairs on the front porch, on the north side of our home, is nice.

So ... the rest of the story later.
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