July 29, 2008

Saint? Olaf

St Olaf
Today's calendar date remembers Olaf/Olav of Norway (995-1030). I have him on my calendar just because he's Scandinavian - our roots are Scandinavian. The sagas of his life are interesting.

Most of his youth was spent as a Viking pirate. When he became a Christian, his rugged individualism lifestyle carried over into Christianizing his country.

I had read a good article on him and wish I wrote down the exact phrase they used defining his evangelistic style - something along the line--"You become a Christian or you die!". Conversion by the sword may be the best phrase. I guess it's good? he fought for his faith.

The faith he labored to instill, began to grow and flourish after his death. What the sword couldn't do, even in 'good faith', the Spirit did.
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