July 21, 2008


I'm baking bread. I usually make enough in one day to last a month or two. We've been out of bread and I didn't feel like baking, so I bought some last week - good stuff. But stuff it is! Almost no bread can compare to homemade from fresh ground flour (unless of coarse I do a flop batch!)(but there's always uses for flops).

I just picked my first daylily. I have regular lilies blooming now and one is a deep red. I put this daylily in a little pot Travis and Sarah gave me for Christmas. Last week I put rose buds in it.

I decided to take pictures of what's hanging over the kitchen table right now. Every summer there's these bees I hang from the wreath over the table. They're made from sheep wool, wrapped with yellow embroidery thread with tissue paper wings. It's amazing how many years these delicate little things have lasted - especially considering Dawson and his friends like to flick them. I also wove a little 'hive' with a bee on it, that is either on my shelves of doilies, tea cups and miniature treasures, or I'll put it on the kitchen table.

Monte is gone hiking and fishing down Mt Evans today with Dawson and some of his friends. Last week Dawson had a whole group camping there for a few days and Monte hiked up and down in one day. I think today they were leaving a vehicle down at the bottom so they could drive around and pick up the vehicle they left at the top. Mt Evans is a 40 minute drive from our house and is the highest paved road in the US (and the world?).

I've done a load of laundry and was going to do more, but it's hot (well, hot here is almost 90, but at 8000 feet's thin air wouldn't the sun feel hotter? at least there's a nice breeze blowing through the house) and not rained yet (not REALLY rained much in two months), so I'll be watering this evening (we've no clay in our soil, so water goes straight down and the dirt, or decomposed granite dries out fast), and with our well, I have to space out watering and laundry and showers.

Six loaves of basic bread, four french bread, and four baguettes all done. Six more loaves of basic bread to go (maybe I'll skip this second batch today), and then a combination from the same dough of two dozen hamburger/dinner rolls and two dozen cinnamon rolls.

I know they'll bring fish home, but we'll cook them tomorrow. I'll grill hamburgers, large portabella mushrooms, and onions, for supper tonight. And we'll have them with fresh homemade buns.
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