April 18, 2008


I just read a blog I get RSS feeds from that told of being at a prayer breakfast with seventeen differing faiths attending, and told of dialogue between the Dalai Lama and Desmund Tutu.

The blog reminds me of two things:
1) I remember reading that today's info from the internet is like "word of mouth". I had posted earlier about JFK being the first president where we viewed the whole election (and then death) process from TV - the timing being when most homes had television. Prior to that it was radio, newspapers, and "word of mouth" for news and electing a president.

What's happening with the internet during this current presidential candidating is "word of mouth" spreading of info on a massive scale. And journalism is happening in the bloggosphere - like what I just read - it was an eye-witness account at a world-affecting event.

2) Such varieties of people and how they live by faith (Christian or not, everyone really does live by faith). And like the blog says, within faiths, there are good people and bad people.

And like the picture, there's so many varieties of flavors - both good and bad jelly beans.

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