April 10, 2008


What I'm posting now, I was going to post in the last post, but that one ended up really being about Dawson's photography. This post is other stuff happening around here this week.

Weather Report: Sun and Snow/rain mix Monday. Tuesday was beautiful. Wednesday was cooler but sunny, building in afternoon to 'slush' and then snow. Thursday - it's snowing, but supposed to stop a bit this afternoon with sun, and maybe some more snow Friday. The weekend is supposed to jump to the upper 60's maybe 70!

So ... roofers are trying to get as much done in replacing our roof as they can. Tuesday was a mass of guys ripping off the old roof, picking up the trash, and they tar-papered the whole roof (and whatever else they do - like maybe some heat strips or whatever code calls for). Driving home yesterday evening it looked like a lot of the roof was done. The 23 year old reddish-brown cheap asphalt shingles are gone and replaced with a variegated green, grey, tan, brown quality asphalt.

I ran errands yesterday after MOPS and checked out outdoor furniture. So Monte and me will spend this afternoon together (fun date!) picking out outdoor furniture for his deck off his newly finished office, and maybe replace the old furniture on our much used back deck - which we actually call 'the pergola'.

And my greenhouse is getting some more seedflats in there. I'll be planting tons of seeds over the next weeks. I'm excited, as I am every year, to see the new growth of the grapevine in the greenhouse and watch for where grape bunches are forming. 

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