April 21, 2008

Swan Inn

I've begun wearing my 'chef Karey' hat for this week with the many visiting scientists from Norway coming in today. I've got my weeks' menus planned and steps laid out.

So tonight is Mexican and I've begun the burrito meat in the crock-pot, started the beans, and made a cheesecake. Usually I do a flan, but we decided we wanted a cheesecake this time. I'll be grilling the stuffed poblano chilies this afternoon.

I'll be doing four lunches and three suppers. They'll be taking me out for two very nice suppers. Some of them have been here before and have been building up my reputation to the new ones coming. Pressure! But not really, I've done it so much before that it's not so bad.

I saw a cool "Swan Tavern" wood sign some time ago that I wish I bought - a great picture of a swan. We definitely get the company. But then we do live where people like to vacation, which is why I prefer staying home when the rest of the world is vacationing. And why leave beautiful here, when most other places are so hot, humid and have mosquitos and whatever else negative!

Well, back to my typing of Monte's and Stan's field trip guide.

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