March 31, 2008

Wool Sculpted Lady

I teach needlefelting classes, so I end up with lots of heads and unfinished bodies laying around. Since a local art gallery was asking for donated pieces for their $100 for 100's fund raiser I finished one of the bodies and took it over this morning.

I've talked about the needlefelt process in earlier blogs and posted pictures. I'm about to start another two classes. The art gallery asked if I'd teach classes for them too.

Since this was started in the class at the yarn store, I use what wool they have available. This particular skin tone wool was coarser (or too, I could have a darker wool color underneath to save on the skin tone if there doesn't look to be enough for all of us). But it was harder to get a 'smooth' looking face. I'm always looking for cool wool for hair and found this in a store. I usually dye the hair for my classes - pretty normal hair color :O) too!

Though I do flat pieces (which I just did four for four favorite friends' combined birthday get-together), I really like the more sculpted three-dimensional work.
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