March 14, 2008


Today is Pi day. I have it on my calendar for the fun of it. Our news radio station mentioned it this morning because one of the station daughter's class was to bring round things in. And the daughter was going to bring in a square pie. I thought that was fun!

We had done the same kind of exercise when our kids were young - had them look at anything round and have them measure around the circle (circumference) and divide by the diameter of the circle. No matter the circle size, they'd come up with this same 3.14... number. This magic number is called 'pi'. They had fun!

The joke this morning about the square pie was: a farmer sent his son to college and asked him when he was done to tell him a math fact. (I don't know any hidden keystrokes on this computer to type a pi symbol or a raised 2. Or maybe use a 'n'?) He told his dad "A circle area=pixr2". The farmer was upset, "I spent all that money for schooling when any fool can tell you pies aren't square!" (you've gotta say it with an accent).

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