March 16, 2008

Birthday and Snow - ENOUGH!

It's Monte's 60th birthday today! I googled party ideas and most were 'over the hill' type stuff with jokes and hearing-aids and all. But they don't fit Monte. He's in a wonderful place in life with lots of great things going on! So I settled on a Vintage 48 theme - Each Year Gets Better (or Aged to Perfection!). Lots of good aged quotes.

I have the chickens over the beer cans on the grill (I posted that recipe a bit ago) BUT it has started snowing! We have (or maybe I should say had, cuz I'm guessing they won't come now) friends coming for our church's small group - "Supper Group".

What year was that?...several years ago, after a horrible summer of drought and fires and not much winter snow, we got dumped on THIS VERY NIGHT 74 inches of snow in two days, and drifts were another matter (looks like the storm watch is predicting at least 16"). But we've had enough snow this winter!

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