March 12, 2008


I'm home from a women's ministry meeting at church, and relaxing and unwinding from a busy day before going to bed. Monte is trying to finish getting a new toilet installed in the kids bathroom. We are going to replace the one in the guest bathroom soon too. So, for now, the only usable toilet in the house is in our master bathroom (which is having it's own problems and will also be replaced). It's what comes of a 24 year old, well-lived-in-house (like I posted long ago about our Velveteen House).

I woke up two days ago and no water - these old toilets without warning 'run' all night. Luckily the pump and well don't take too-too long reviving ... but Dawson couldn't take a shower before leaving for the day - and no laundry that day.

I had posted (maybe at the end of November, or early December) about our church going through a rough transition. This year MOPS has had a rough year. And now with a big chunk of the congregation, including staff, gone to start another church ... it's feeling like ... real church. Like we are truly a body, with the parts dependent on the other parts, desiring to work together ... and feeling out of control, yet not wanting to jump in quick and "fix it"- so more waiting on the Spirit.

Some of us, part of the original women's community team, are just trying to hold the pieces together and finish out the season's plans. We're really hoping for new body parts, new blood, and new ideas, to come forth.

So I'm trying to relax in God. Though I'm currently relaxing in my recliner with my laptop on my lap, I'm actually sitting in God's lap, resting my head on his chest, wanting to sync my heartbeat with His.
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