February 14, 2008

The Trinity's Heart

I could tell you Valentine history, but it's all rather sketchy. Supposedly there were some men named Valentine, with varying stories, and possibly the Church wanted a memorial to replace Rome's Lupercalia fertility festival.

But Valentines Day is usually full of heart images. So here's my heart message -
I read John, starting at 14:15, about the Spirit Jesus was sending, and on into John 15, from the Message today. In the Vine and the branches story I love Jesus' words: "Abide in Me. Live in Me. Make your home in Me just as I do in You". Earlier in 14:20 He says, "I am in My Father, and you are IN Me, and I am in you".

It's easier for me to envision lots of Christians as branches connected to a main vine. But when I try picturing all of us actually IN Him - all our hearts in His heart~!

In the book Deep Unto Deep, Dana Candler talks of each of us as a song originated in the heart of God. So that within His great musical heart are many songs.

And then there's the image of me as a window into the Beloved's heart. And that I am but one of many windows. Imagine this. I'm sure God reveals His love and who He is to each of us uniquely. It changes my perspective of people - like looking at them with expectation of a glimmer of God. There might be more loving of each other if we see each other as revelations of Jesus' heart. We can glean fruit from each other's lives as we see through each of our windows.

His heart's gotta be so big, and in him I am! John goes on to say "Make yourselves at home in My love." I picture Him waking each of us morning by morning with love for a new day. In John 17, Jesus sums it all up in desiring us to know God, know Jesus - the goal is that we might be one heart and mind with the Trinity.

Isn't this unity, going back to the song/music theme, like a great orchestra - with all the varieties of harmonies and tones and pitches coming together as a whole?

It reminds me of a dream I had near the end of my teen years (one of those God 'ahas' to awaken my desire for Him) The hymn "I come to the garden alone ..." was being sung by a huge (heavenly?) choir. It was beautiful.

Monte made me a Valentine years ago that I treasure. He had flaked crayon chip colors into the center of construction paper, folded it and ironed it. The front message said, "I tried to make you a card but every time I thought of you, my crayons melted."

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