February 8, 2008

Needlefelt Class

I finished up another felting class last night. Everyone always loves the class. Each class has such different dynamics - from artistic talent to the talking or lack of talking. There's usually four to six people. I don't think I could do it with more, unless they already had some needlefelting exposure.

I've been taking my camera, though most don't think their things good enough for a picture. I think everyone of the pieces has wonderful character. I think everything 'turns out', though most wish they did better.

I always suggest they jump in and do more at home after the class is done so they can try again with more skill. Many people do more at home during class and bring things in for 'show and tell'.

We start with a two-dimensional work the first class and some people say they prefer that. Though they're glad for the three-dimensional techniques they learn and think they might add some of that to a flat background.

Others love the three-dimensional and want to do more and try animals, etc ...
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