February 5, 2008

Quote to contemplate

I just read this quote and want to post it here so I don't lose it. I want to ponder it.

And it's funny, her book title, cuz she's sure not 'modern' and been dead for a long time (1941), but her thoughts are beyond 'modern', in the sense of what modern means today in what's being called 'post-modern'.

"The Eucharist is the very heart of Christian worship because it is so rich and far-reaching in its significance; because it eludes thought, eludes emotion, relies on simple contact, humble and childlike receptiveness, sense quenching soul. It mixes together the extremes of mystery and homeliness; takes our common earthly experience of suffering, love abandonment, death, and makes them inexpressibly holy and fruitful; takes the food of our natural life and transforms that into a channel of Divine Life."

- Evelyn Underhill
Daily Readings with a Modern Mystic
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