October 24, 2012

Infrared Sauna ... and Wine

Infrared Sauna
We got an Infrared Sauna! Isn't it beautiful?! It's made of hemlock. I sit in it every day, and sometimes twice a day. I strive for 40 minutes. I'm reading books as I sit there. I've sat in the typical rock and steam sauna before - but can't take that kind of heat. I can't breath in that kind of sauna. This sauna heats into your body - more inside-out.

It takes awhile for us Americans to sweat! That is one of the goals. Our skin is our largest organ. Sweating clears the pores of blockage, and impurities sweat out of you - like even metals and other contaminants. Organs detox. Fat melts. Joints feel limberer. You sleep better.

I shouldn't even put wine in the same title. You're not supposed to have been drinking alcohol and go into the sauna. Also not a good idea to have just eaten a meal either. Better to let it digest first. You do need to keep replenished with lots of liquids. Since I'm drinking water kefir and eating fermented foods and our water is quality well water, I'm taking in plenty of minerals for all the sweating I'm doing!

Messy looking wine fermentors next to the sauna

So why mention wine? Cuz my sauna picture has wine ferment containers sitting next to it. I'm currently fermenting four wines. Two have green grapes I'd frozen from Dawson's yard he picked for me this year. It takes a lot of grapes to make wine, so last year I tried adding some similar grapes a friend gave me to a Pinot Grigio wine kit . . . And it's a refreshing wine. So one of these ferments are with a Sauvingon Blanc kit and the other a Zinfandel Rose. Then I've got my typical Amazon Tuscany Rosso going, and too a chokecherry wine.

3 carboys of rhubarb wine, then plum, skeeter pea, shiraz, and a 3 red blend

Chokecherries I do grow here, as well as crab apples, rhubarb, and raspberries. I've tried all of them as wines. I don't care for the crab apple wine - they're frozen for applesauce. The raspberry wine is awesome, but I rarely use my raspberries for wine. Rhubarb makes a great wine, and one of my pics shows you three five-gallon carboys of rhubarb from this year. And then chokecherries make a fabulous red wine!

Cellar shelves with wine and other ferments

Cellar stairs from kitchen panty trap door

So yes, among my many ferments I've got going is wine. The room I make it in is the boys' old bedroom. The kids' bathroom (no kids at home anymore) is where all the washing and sterilizing solutions sit - in the bathtub. I want to do posts of the process, since I've taken tons of pictures over the years of all I had hoped to see as I was researching. Once bottled it gets stored in our nice cellar Dawson is finishing off this year. We poured concrete down there just before his wedding this summer. Before, for years, it's just been our root cellar, dubbed "rot" cellar by my daugher-in-law. He made great stairs this summer and some shelves (more to come). The cellar is accessed through a trap door in my kitchen pantry. We've gone through two other staircases that rotted. It's staying an even 50 degrees down there and about 60-70% humidity.
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