October 31, 2012

Getting Dirty is Healthy

I read about a study . . . A soil bacteria called M. vaccae activates neurons in our brains. It releases serotonin that helps balance our immune system, decreasing the cause for depression. This dirt bacteria helps our brain's cognitive function and regulates our moods; also improving vitality and quality of life.

So diggin in the dirt is good. Exposure to soil microbes, and being outside breathing in good bacteria helps our immune system learn the difference between good and harmful bacteria and viruses. Helps teach our bodies to fight the right fights and lessens infections and allergies.

I got my dose of M. vaccae today!  I dug in my compost. I shoveled all the compost from the center bin into the right bin, readying the center bin for winter composting. Once down near the bottom I shoveled the new dirt, well composted kitchen scraps and garden refuse - what I call "black gold!" - thru the end sifter into a wheelbarrow. I needed compost for the garlic I was planting (garlic bulbs are separated and planted in the fall to grow new bulbs and get harvested the following summer).

So don't be afraid to get dirty! Let your kids play outside!

My compost bin


Emery and Will


Emery's first fishing trip with Grandpa Monte
Our fire pit

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