October 17, 2012

"A Life Unprocessed"

This post's title is the name of a blog I just looked at. That phrase got me thinking . . . I like that phrase. We choose to eat that way as much as possible, but what about all of our life? Do we live "a life unprocessed"? What exactly would that look like?

I have a workshop I've done for years - I want to write it up as a book. It's the title of this blog, which I need to write up in a profile "about me" page. But in the workshop I talk a bit about knowing what kind of person you are . . . Are you a "Process" person or a "Product" person. Knowing this can save you a lot of money.

I am a "process person". That means I enjoy the process of doing things and making things - often times moreso than the finished product. What that type of person tends to do is research a new thing and accumulate/ buy the "tools" (equipment, materials, books, etc). Maybe playing around experimenting the new thing/ skill. But not necessarily completing the project, or continuing doing it.

I suggest taking classes to get things out of your system. Learn what you are curious about in a setting where someone else has all the tools, skills, and knowledge. See if you like it? Would it be something that you'd definitely add to your life? If so, then get what you need to carry on.

Like I'd like to learn to make stained glass. Imagine all the tools needed for that?! I would love to research it, get books, and start accumulating the tools. That's the fun part for me. But once I make a stained glass something, will I keep on making more? THAT would be a great thing for me to take as a class - completing a framed stained glass picture I can hang in a window. Probably then, I'd get it out of my system - been there, done that - and move on, without spending tons of money, figuring out where to store and use the stuff.

I made a basket from a kit. I like my basket. But I don't feel the need to keep making baskets. I have tons of baskets around the house I store things in; baskets hanging from a beam in the kitchen for decoration and use. Baskets galore can be bought for pennies at second-hand stores. 

So what is living a life unprocessed?

I didn't want this post to be without pictures, so I'm posting some very old family photos. Do they reflect living an unprocessed life?

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